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MCAAHC Mission and Vision

We are dedicated to ending systemic racism, promoting racial healing, and community wellness. Your support ensures that all Marylanders have access to our state’s Black history, anti-racism best practices and teachings, and can safely visit and enjoy Banneker-Douglass Museum through 2021 and beyond.

The Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture is committed to discovering, documenting, preserving, collecting, and promoting Maryland’s African American heritage.

The Commission also provides technical assistance to institutions and groups with similar objectives. Through the accomplishment of this mission, the MCAAHC seeks to educate Maryland citizens and visitors to our state about the significance of the African American experience in Maryland.

Joint Statement from the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture and the Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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The primary objectives of the MCAAHC are to:

  • Cultivate, present, interpret and promote the history and culture of African Americans in the State of Maryland through museum collections, exhibitions, commemorations, educational programs, publications, research and public participation;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information and insights about African Americans in Maryland and the nation through collaboration with other public, educational, Corporate and Maryland based institutions on strategies for promoting African American history and culture;
  • Discover, preserve, collect and catalog African American historical materials and artifacts and establish, manage and coordinate museums and other appropriate facilities for the promotion of African American history and culture; and
  • Disseminate and integrate African American historical and cultural materials into the mainstream of Maryland life and education as a method of fostering constructive social change through better racial understanding

Maryland Commission on African American History & Culture Public Meeting

MCAAHC Notice of Special Closed Teleconference Meeting

Friday, October 8, 2020 at 11AM
Purpose of meeting: *This meeting will be closed under General Provisions
Art. § 3-305(b) **(5)*“To consider the investment of public funds”; The
approval of the ranking materials for the African American Heritage
Preservation Grant.

Annual Reports

These reports are reflective of the commitment and dedication the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture exhibits regularly throughout the State of Maryland.